Ahli Bank

Ahli Bank

Ahli Bank Q.S.C
Founded in 1983, Ahli Bank Q.S.C (Ahlibank) is a Qatari-owned financial institution that serves individual consumers, small businesses and corporate customers with a wide range of products and services. Ahlibank aims to deliver unmatched convenience and personal, simple banking experiences that highlight its tagline, “With You”. Ahlibank has grown its client base rapidly with an integrated network of 14 branches and over 70 ATMs in Qatar.

Credit Cards feature and benefits
Ahlibank’s Credit Cards offer a wide range of features and benefits, and also comes with Contactless technology. Find more ways to make your relationship with Ahlibank Credit Cards even more rewarding. For more information, visit www.ahlibank.com.qa or call us at 4420 5222.

Earning Meera Rewards Points
Pearl Points can be redeemed to Meera Rewards Points easily. Every 1,000 Pearl Points earned equals to 5,000 Meera Rewards Points.

Note: Redemption of Pearl Points is subject to the minimum of 1,000 or multiples of 1,000 Pearl Points to be redeemed.

Doha Bank

Doha Bank

Doha Bank
Doha Bank is one of the largest commercial banks in the State of Qatar and has been consistently registering a strong growth during the last decade with participative leadership philosophy. Inaugurated in 1979, Doha Bank provides domestic and international banking services for individuals, commercial, corporate, and institutional clients through four business groups – Wholesale Banking, Retail Banking, International Banking and Treasury & Investments.

Earning Meera Rewards Points
You will earn 5 Meera Rewards Points for every 1 DOHA MILE in conversion. A minimum of 2,000 DOHA MILES is required to exchange 10,000 Meera Rewards Points.

How to exchange your DOHA MILES

  • Log In to your DOHA MILES account.
  • Choose Miles Exchange as redemption category.
  • Select Meera Rewards to exchange your DOHA MILES.
  • Enter your Meera Rewards Membership ID.
  • Select the number of Meera Rewards Points you wish to convert from your DOHA MILES.
  • Click Submit to complete the Miles Exchange.

  • For further information on how to log-in and exchange your DOHA MILES to Meera Rewards Points please click here.

    Masraf Al Rayan Bank

    Masraf Al Rayan Bank

    Masraf Al Rayan Bank
    Masraf Al Rayan–incorporated as a Qatari Shareholding Company– is one of the fastest growing banks as many financial indicators showed at the local and international levels. It operates in full conformity with the Principles of Islamic Shari’a Laws.

    The Bank has a total of 14 branches, strategically placed within Qatar, backed by an extensive network of 59 ATMs, and increased in harmony with business needs and customer activities. as the Bank also has a range of sophisticated banking services to provide the best of customer service; Al Rayan Mobile, Al Rayan Phone, SMS, and Al Rayan Net, which add greater convenience and security to Masraf Al Rayan’s customers.

    Masraf Al Rayan credit cardholders will be able to convert their Al Rayan reward points into Meera Rewards. To redeem the points, Masraf Al Rayan credit card holders must ensure they are registered in the Meera Rewards programme which can be done through the mobile application. Credit cardholders can request the conversion through the Masraf Al Rayan call centre +974 4425 3333 and receive four Meera Rewards points for every Al Rayan point.

    For more information, customers can reach Masraf Al Rayan at the call centre number +974 4425 3333 or visit www.alrayan.com and for any questions regarding Meera Rewards, customers can call at +974 4011 9011, email at customerservice@almeera.com.qa

    Qatar Islamic Bank

    Qatar Islamic Bank

    Qatar Islamic Bank
    Qatar Islamic Bank (QIB) was the first Islamic bank to start operating in the country in 1982 and it is still the largest today with 22 branches across Qatar.

    QIB conducts its domestic business through a modern branch network spread throughout Qatar with key branches featuring distinctive centers with specialized relationship managers focused on servicing specific customer segments: Private Banking Centers, Affluent Banking Centers(Tamayuz) as well as Ladies Centers.

    In addition to its branch network, the Bank has accelerated its investments in digital channels providing its services through multi-functional ATMs, mobile and internet banking applications for individuals and companies, and 24/7 Call Center.

    QIB Customers will be able to convert their Absher Reward Points into Meera Rewards Points. To redeem the points, QIB Customers must ensure they are registered in Meera Rewards programme which can be done through Meera Rewards App.

    How to exchange your Absher Points to Meera Rewards

  • Login to QIB Mobile App
  • Tap on “Redeem” on Absher banner on the home page.
  • Then tap on “Points Exchange” and select Meera Rewards.
  • Enter the Absher points to be exchanged.
  • Input Full Name & Al Meera Member Account ID.
  • Review and submit the request.
  • The Absher point exchanged will be converted to Meera Rewards points.
  • Meera Rewards Points will be posted in real-time on Al Meera customer account and can be redeemed at Al Meera cash counters at customer’s convenience

  • For more information about the points conversion, customers can reach QIB at the call centre number +974 4402 0888 or visit www.qib.com.qa and for any questions regarding Meera Rewards, customers can call at +974 4011 9011, email at customerservice@almeera.com.qa



    From the capital of North Lebanon-Tripoli, the story began of an authentic oriental Arabic sweets shop that became a symbol of the Lebanese culinary tradition and culture, Al Hallab Family. The mouth-watering and unique taste made these sweets a must-try for all tourists, whenever they visit Lebanon.
    Having so many fans in Doha that fell in love with those delicious sweets from the first bite, we decided to take the essence, techniques and spirit from its origin and implement it in Doha with a new vision and dream which became AL HALLAB.
    When it comes to oriental sweets, Lebanon is renowned for the unique taste of those indulging heavenly bites.
    Al Hallab is your destination in Qatar for satisfying your sweet tooth.

    Meera Rewards Members are entitled to receive 20% discounts upon showing their Meera Rewards Membership ID..

    Al Jaber Opticians


    AL JABER OPTICIANS -A Renowned and valued Optical chain in the State of Qatar since 1958. The company provides various standard and personalized Optical services to every customer through its qualitative and high advance technologies, high-end optical eyewear and well-trained professional employees. The availability of its in-house and personalized home eye care services provides easiness, comfort and benefits to its patients and clients.

    Meera Rewards Members are entitled to receive special discounts (listed below) upon showing their Meera Rewards Membership ID.

    Seq. No. Brand Privilege Discounts
    (Maximum Discounts)
    1 Alberto Modiani 28.00%
    2 Alexander McQueen 28.00%
    3 Bottega Veneta 28.00%
    4 Boucheron 28.00%
    5 Burberry 28.00%
    6 Bvlgari 28.00%
    7 Calvin Klein 28.00%
    8 Charlie Max 28.00%
    9 Chick 28.00%
    10 Chloe 28.00%
    11 Dolce & Gabbana 28.00%
    12 Emporio Armani 28.00%
    13 Fendi 28.00%
    14 Giorgio Armani 28.00%
    15 Gucci 28.00%
    16 Jimmy Choo 28.00%
    17 Karl Lagerfeld 28.00%
    18 Lacoste 28.00%
    19 Liu Jo 28.00%
    20 Michael Kors 28.00%
    21 MCM 28.00%
    22 Mont Blanc 28.00%
    23 Nike 28.00%
    24 Oakley 28.00%
    25 Polo Ralph Lauren 28.00%
    26 Prada 28.00%
    27 Ray-Ban 28.00%
    28 Roberto Cavalli 28.00%
    29 Salvatore Ferragamo 28.00%
    30 Spektre 28.00%
    31 Swarovski 28.00%
    32 Tiffany 28.00%
    33 Tom Ford 28.00%
    34 Valentino 28.00%
    35 Versace 28.00%
    36 Yves Saint Laurent 28.00%
    37 Barberini 10.00%
    38 Brioni 10.00%
    39 Cartier 10.00%
    40 Cellini 10.00%
    41 Christian Dior 10.00%
    42 Derek Lam 10.00%
    43 Dita 10.00%
    44 Hackett London 10.00%
    45 Linda Farrow 10.00%
    46 Movitra 10.00%
    47 Ted Baker 10.00%
    48 Thom Browne 10.00%
    49 Yohji Yamamoto 10.00%
    1 Limited Edition Items
    2 Fixed Price Items
    Others: Ophthalmic Lenses and Other Services
    1 Prescription / Ophthalmic Lenses (Discount) 25.00%
    2 Eye Test for Driving License (Service Charge) Qrs. 30.00
    3 Regular Eye Test (Service Charge) Qrs. 50.00
    4 Eye Test with Purchase Free of Charge



    Argan offers real, authentic Moroccan cuisine setting new standards in fine dining with its wholesome culinary experience; it is a preferred venue for all those who appreciate true Moroccan delicacies.
    The restaurant presents a traditional Moroccan setting, stylishly uplifted by modern elements and chic, vibrant colors. Tables and booths surround a purpose-built majlis-style seating area in the middle where you can lounge around on comfy couches with bites, drinks and shisha on its terrace area. The booths, that line the wall on one side, have mosaic detailing and from the ceiling hang star-shaped lanterns. Enjoy freshly baked Moroccan bread and authentic Moroccan mint tea, choose from wide variety of Tajines and sweets offered at this exclusive Moroccan Restaurant in Doha.

    Meera Rewards Members are entitled to receive 20% discounts upon showing their Meera Rewards Membership ID.

    Opening Hours: 12:30 pm -11:30 pm (Restaurant is closed on every Monday)
    For further information please contact:
    Tel: (+974) 4433 6666
    Email: fb.reservations.tswq@tivolihotels.com.